Get Canceled

Simmer Down

January 17, 2024 Sheryl Scott Episode 107
Get Canceled
Simmer Down
Show Notes

Today, Sheryl and the gang continue their discussion from last week.   Point of Personal Privilege  - linked below - is loaded with nonsensical, self-indulgent, safe-space loving pussies that constitute most of Gen Z.  This clip has more  golden nuggets of absurdity than a slobbering retard with his arm up his nose.   You're free to interpret 'retard' as you will.

 The ideal that one's own lived experience trumps everyone else is where things begin to go sideways.  As we take everything so seriously, the opposite becomes true.  Nothing is funny.  Is this the type of world you want to live in?  Join us at Get Canceled as we continue to push back.  Viva la common sense!!


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