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Fat Is Beautiful?

September 13, 2023 Sheryl Scott Episode 93
Get Canceled
Fat Is Beautiful?
Show Notes

The body positive movement is sweeping the nation!  The term "large and in charge" has never been more apparent than what we are seeing in American culture.  One can contribute many factors to this; such as convenience, fast food, processed food, and sedentary lifestyle to name a few.  Regardless of how we got here, a 600 pound life is not a healthy one; and the simple joy of being able to wipe one's own ass is slowly fading. 

That being said, fat people have been publicly shamed for generations.  The images projected in today's culture are often of unrealistic bodies.  We have equated skinny with health, and that is not always the case.  Much as a box of chocolates comes in many shapes and sizes, so do humans.  (Thank you Forest Gump for the metaphor) 

This week, Sheryl and the gang dive into these difficult concepts.   

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